What Is Laser Mole Removal Procedure And Cost

Is It Safe To Use Laser Mole Removal Method?

Moles are basically outgrowths which are caused due to the increase in melanin in the body. These moles are usually pinkish in color but they change after some time as turn darker due to hyperpigmentation. Moles are scientifically known as nevi ’s. They are spots which are a collection of highly pigmented cells. In a life spa,n people have forty to fifty moles and almost every human has it. 

Most moles are usually harmless and not cause any pain to the body. It is important to keep a check over the moles as sometimes these moles can turn cancerous which might risk your life. As years pass moles change sometimes they disappear but if the moles remain after you reach adulthood they remain for a long time, they almost become permanent. These moles can occur anywhere over the body on ears, lips, palms, soles and even in the genital area. 

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What Is Laser Mole Removal Procedure And Cost - skintagsremovalsystem.com

How Do Moles Occur? 

Moles are caused due to various factors although there are no specific reasons found a lot of studies explain that moles can occur due to hormonal imbalance. Pregnancy can also be one of the reasons which can cause moles. Moles can also be inherited with genes and can be inherited. Sunlight can also be one of the major reasons which can cause moles. 

Moles usually occur due to the accumulation of the skin in one particular area which will cause the skin around that area to grow thick. Mainly moles are made up of melanin. Melanin grows due to the increase of secretion of the sebaceous gland on the skin which leads into the formation of moles. 

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Mole? 

Moles can be identified with the help of their color, size, and shape. Some moles are initially a little pinkish but as time passes it can change into black due to hyperpigmentation. There are chances that moles can grow hair over them but not all moles have hair.  Moles are usually round or oval but sometimes due to the restriction in the area where it grows they might also look irregular or shapeless. Their size can vary from 4-5 millimeters in diameter.  

Moles And Its Different Types: 

  • Atypical Moles: As the name suggests they are not the ones that are usually visible in people. These moles usually do not have any size and their size can vary according to the area where it grows. They do not have any particular shape and hence are considered to be irregular in shape. These moles can be flat or round but they can also have an irregular appearance. 
  • Common Moles: These are basic types of moles which are caused due to excessive exposure of the skin to the sunlight or UV rays. Also, they can differ according to their sizes and can be of  4-5 millimeters. They are usually dark in color due to hyperpigmentation. 
  • Congenital Moles: These moles do not have any cause root of how do they occur but these are visible right from the birth. Sometimes these moles are also called as birthmarks and usually go away in childhood itself. If these moles remain for a long time that it till you reach your adulthood they tend to become permanent. 
  • Halo Moles: Halo moles are slightly bigger than the other types of moles and have a ring-like structure around it which is the skin itself. The skin encircles around this mole and makes it look bigger. This ring-like structure formed around the mole is comparatively lighter and does not cause any kind of harm to the skin. 
  • Acquired Moles: These moles are usually seen on the kid and do not cause harm to them. Acquired moles are the ones which occur due to the excessive exposure of skin to the sunlight. The harmful sun rays and UV rays can cause irritation on the skin and lead into the formation of moles. 

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What Is Laser Mole Removal Procedure And Cost - skintagsremovalsystem.com

Laser Treatments To Get Rid Of Moles: 

The laser treatment is not painful. Local anesthesia is always given before undergoing laser operations.  While giving the local anesthetic it is observed that many people feel the little amount of pain which feels like a sting. After the surgery is started the patient does not feel a thing as the area is totally numb. 

The area where the laser treatment is done heals in an approximate of fifteen days. The skin around that area might be little moist but it fades over the few weeks. Sometimes it is observed that there is a small pinkish mark left behind after the surgery is completed, using some ointment or some cream will make that area turn normal. The red mark will then form a scab around it which will fall off leading the area to have a new skin. It the mole is around the face area then it is recommended that you apply any kind of area of makeup only after it has dried up totally. Using makeup after fifteen days would be feasible. 

Laser Removal Procedures And The Cost. 

The cost of mole removal depends on the area on which where it is present. It also depends on the complexity of the mole. Usually, it takes like $130 to $150 to get it removed. If they a pretty smaller then it can also be removed under $100. 

Other Methods To Remove Moles. 

  • Surgical Excisions: This is one of the most traditional ways of getting rid of moles. It is much more time consuming than shaving excision and also pains while it is operated. The doctor usually cut the whole mole and cleans it then with an antiseptic liquid. Sometimes, the doctors even remove some extra subcutaneous fat layer in order to remove the mole totally and be on a safe side. You might get stitches as well if the area is big and bleeds a lot.  Usually, flat moles use this method to rid of them. 
  • Shaving Excisions: Normally this method is used for the moles which are bigger and usually on the upper surface of the skin. In this process first the area is cleaned with an antiseptic liquid and then the doctor cut the moles correctly with the help of a sharp object such as a knife or a scalpel. Doctors use the local anesthetic which will numb the area for some time.  Make sure that after the mole is removed it is cleaned properly and is kept away from moisture as it can lead to infections. 
  • Punch Biopsy: This method is used for the moles which are smaller than usual ones. As we have seen moles come in different shapes and sizes, in the same way, treating these moles are also done according to the size. This device helps in cutting the mole in a cylindrical shape which makes it look round when the mole is removed. 

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Moles: 

Lemon :

Lemon is known for its medicinal properties and how it works perfect on the skin and helps in bleaching the skin. Cut half wedge of lime and squeeze it to get the juice, use a cotton ball and cover the skin tag with an adhesive tape. Keep the cotton mole for like fifteen to twenty minutes to get the best results. You can even use a bandage to keep the mole covered. Continue this process for two weeks and repeat this process daily to get the best results. 

Dandelion Roots:

The dandelion roots are known for their properties and also have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which help in getting rid of all those ugly moles. The stem of the plant dandelion has a lot of purifying properties which help in treating sores effectively. Apply a dandelion extract over the mole and rub it, keep the area covered. Keep it for an hour and use a basic bandage to cover it. Continue this process daily two times a day to get the best results. 

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is known for its vivid benefits as it can be used in a lot of things. It has been used by people over the years and is found to be totally effective to cure skin issues. Use a cotton ball and pour two to three drops of oil over it. Make it point to clean the area around the mole with an antiseptic liquid and keep the cotton ball. Cover it with the help of a bandage and repeat this [process every day at least for two weeks.  


Turmeric is one of the most used spice in many of the countries, it has a strong smell and is known for its healing properties. It also has a lot of antifungal and antibacterial properties. If applied over the wound it stops bleeding. Apply turmeric by making a paste of it with honey and keep it covered with a cotton ball and s bandage. Continue this procedure for two weeks and apply it daily at least twice a day. You will see that the mole will fall off eventually and the area will heal in two to three days. 

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What Is Laser Mole Removal Procedure And Cost - skintagsremovalsystem.com

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