Tea Tree Oil On Face

Why Tea Tree Oil Is The Right Choice For Your Face.

A lot of people suffer from much irritating skin condition on their faces, such as skin tags, inflammations, acne, as well as some minor wound and infections or even dry skin.  

But you need not to worry anymore. There is an essential oil that will help treat most of these problems with the help of its healing properties.  

The essential oil is called tea tree oil. This oil is being used by people for a very long time. The oil can treat ailments from acne to psoriasis, although the benefits don’t end here. This is why tea tree oil would be very useful in ones day to day life, therefore it deserves a permanent place in your cabinet.  

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What Is Tea Tree Oil? 

Tea tree oil is known with different names in different places. Ins some places it is known as melaleuca oil while in others it is known as ti-tree oil. The oil is also acclaimed for its fresh and camphoraceous odor.  Its color depends on its concentrations. It ranges from pale yellow to almost colorless. 

Scientifically known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, is a tree that gives us the essential oil. The tree is a native to southeast Queensland and the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. 

The extracted oil is also being used in the cosmetic industries for many of their products such as shampoos, creams, conditioners, soaps, as well as moisturizers. This is because the researchers have found that tea tree oil has many benefits for skin, especially for your face. The oil can also be used as a deodorant because of its appealing smell.  Not only does it treat skin problems but also improves the overall appearance 

How Does Tea Tree Oil work? 

The oil has many characteristics, such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, as well as antiviral. The oil also has healing properties, which will boost the coagulation and the wound healing process. Only a few drops of this oil will help in treating most of the facial conditions. All the contents of the oil will help in fighting acne and scars, as well as dryness and oiliness.  

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil On Face 

There are many benefits that tea tree oil can give. The oil is useful for treating many problems in a lesser amount of time. This natural oil will help give you all the benefits without any hassle or obstructions. The main unsaid benefit is that you dont have to pay too much to get it nor do you need to take several appointments of the doctor to get rid of the several facial problems.  

The benefits gained from tea tree oils are: 

  • Dry skin: Since it is a natural oil, it can provide nutrition and moisture to your face. It also helps in reducing the stretchy feeling along with itchiness and irritation. This oil is known to be more effective than any other cosmetic moisturizers. The effects also last longer compared to other oils.  
  • Oily skin: If your skin has an excess of oil content in your skin, this oil will help balance the concentrations of the oil. The antiseptic properties of the oil will help in providing the skill of fighting oil to the skin. 
  • Inflammations: The anti-inflammatory effect of the natural oil helps in relieving the skin from irritations and the inflammations formed on the skin. Thereby reducing redness and swelling.  
  • Infections, Cuts or Wound Healing: The tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties that can help in fighting various infections that can take place because of injuries. The oil also helps in initiating the wound healing process.  
  • Acne: The oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties will help in treating the acne while preventing the acne bacterias from spreading all around the face. This oil will also help in reducing the scars and spots. Therefore, leaving behind nothing but a clearer skin.  

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Tea Tree Oil On Face - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagsremovalsystem.com

Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil? 

The oil is not only easy to find but also very easy to use. It is much more cost effective compared to other treatments. You will not have to take care of or various skin problems with numerous other treatments. Instead, you can just get tea tree oil and use it for getting rid of all the skin problems that you suffer from.  

This essential can be found in your nearest drug stores. You can even get them easily at online stores. You would not have to go too far exotic places to get this natural oil. It would rather come to you if you place an order online. You might get some tea tree oil bottle on Amazon or eBay, but there is no guarantee that these bottles contain the original kind. But there are direct sites which could provide you with the original tea tree oil.  

Is Tea Tree Oil On Face Safe? 

Since the tea tree oil is extracted from a tree, it is obvious that the oil is completely natural. The oil is extracted manually so that there are no problems while extracting the oil. The tea tree oil is a freshly extracted oil, which means that the oil is extracted as soon as the leaves and branches are cut off from the tree.  

This oil has been tested for any contaminants that may harm you. This ensures to prevent any side effects or allergies. The oil has also been examined multiple times to make sure that it gives the best result possible when used.  

We also know that this oil will rather protect us from harmful things, instead of affecting us with unwanted conditions. One could also be assured that this oil been extracted from the plants in a very controlled environment to prevent any contaminants from decreasing its benefits or impurifying it.  

There are No synthetic chemicals used while making this oil. After applying the oil, the active botanicals will get to work for the process. People around the world have used this ingredient and have had very satisfying results. The people are also suggesting tea tree oil for face to many other people around them. 

Precautions Before Using Tea Tree Oil On Face: 

  • The most important precaution one must take before using them is to make sure that you do not consume it orally. The oil can prove to be very poisonous is consumed orally. You can only apply it topically.  
  • Make sure you use the tea tree oil on the face only when you mix it with a carrier oil. Do not use it alone, as it is very concentrated, and could give you serious side effects.  
  • Make sure you do not use an excess of this oil. Use this oil only once or twice a day. Overusing the oil could irritate your skin, dry it out, the pH balance gets disturbed, the face’s moisture barrier is also interrupted. Your skin could also get more susceptible to sun damage. 
  • It is highly suggested that you do a patch test on the back of your palms to test the oil and its process on your skin. As different substances act very differently on many different people.  
  • The oil should be kept away from children and pets.  


  • Can I use tea tree oil for my injuries?
    You should not apply tea tree oil on any cuts or injuries on your body, as it might start to burn the wounds.  
  • Can I add the oil in my food?
    No, you should definitely no add this essential oil in your food, as the oil is poisonous if consumed orally. 
  • When do I apply this oil?
    This oil can be applied in the morning as well as in the night. It works best if you apply it on your face at night.  
  • How long will the oil last if applied once?
    The oil will be absorbed into your skin and will work for almost seven to eight hours. 

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Tea Tree Oil On Face - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagsremovalsystem.com

Ingredients Used In Tree Tea Oil 

The ingredients present in the tea tree oil are very beneficial for the skin on your face. Not only does the oil heal the skin, but it also helps diminish spots and rejuvenate the skin. The symptoms start to decrease in only a few days. Although it may take some time for some signs to disappear to heal completely.  

The tea tree oil has some important components that you might want to learn about. These are the main components responsible for treating your face.  

The natural oil contains several different types of phytochemicals. One of them is terpinen-4-ol which composes most of the oil. There are also other two types of terpinenes that are present in the oil. These components are the ones that will provide all the beneficial properties required for treating conditions on the face.  

How To Use Tea Tree Oil On Face? 

The tea tree oil on face, if directly applied can be a little harmful. This is because the oil that is extracted from the trees is very concentrated and is also very strong. If used in the wrong way can give adverse effects to your face.  

You should first mix it with a carrier oil to dilute it. The mixture can then be applied to your skin.  

The next step is to do a patch test on the back of your palms, and if the oil does not show any unwanted reactions to your skin then you are good to go.  

  • Absorb the blend of oils on a cotton pad. 
  • Then apply the pad over the affected area of the face. 
  • Use a bandage to make sure that it stays in its place. 
  • Do this every night for a few weeks. 
  • You will start seeing results in just a week or two.  

If used correctly the tea tree oil could give you the right treatment for your pimple and spots.  The oil will help you to clear your blemishes if the oil blend is applied in the form of dots with the help of cue tips. You should also keep in mind that the oil blend should be used only in the affected areas, and not on your whole face.  

Other Methods VS Tea Tree Oil On Face: 

There many other methods that people use to cure their facial skin conditions. These conditions are not necessarily beneficial. Many times they can have various side effects or could be a lot of work. 

  • Laser Treatments: Many people choose laser treatments for their convenience. But they do not know that the lasers can cause harm to your skin, and may also leave scars. The laser treatments are not capable of preventing the return of all the skin problems. These treatments are also very expensive and could dig a hole in your pockets. 
  • Medical pills and creams: all of us are aware that these creams and medicines contain a lot of chemicals. These chemicals although treat our skin conditions, they are also capable of giving us unwanted side effects. Such as drowsiness, itchiness, inflammations, etc.  
  • Face packs: these can be easily available to you, but do not guarantee the result. Sometimes the can make your skin darker, or even whitish, which changes your skin color. These changed colors do not maintain your naturally good look. The face packs can also cause problems like burning sensations, dryness, or even allergies. 

The tea tree oil will: 

  • Keep your skin’s oil contents balanced.  
  • It will stop the irritations and inflammations. 
  • It is antibacterial, therefore preventing acne. 
  • Has healing properties, hence decreases burning as well as blemishes.  
  • The natural oil is also available easily at a lower cost.  

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Tea Tree Oil On Face - Best Seller Of The Week - skintagsremovalsystem.com

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