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Skin tags, scientifically known as Acrochordons are outgrowths which protrude from the skin. A stalk or a stem known as peduncle connects them to the surface of the skin. Folding and creasing of the skin are the main causes of why skin tags occur.

They are found in the folds of the skin of the neck, the armpit, the groin region and sometimes under the breast. They are easy to move and do not cause any pain when they are touched. But daily activities which can cause friction in the folds of the skin may irritate them.

Causes Of Skin Tags:

About half of the Americal population has skin tags. They are very common in both men and women. Sometimes skin tags can also be seen in babies and newborns. Though the apparent reason for getting a skin tag is still unknown, medical research shows that skin tags occur due to aging, pregnancy, and overweight.

Elder or middle age adults have a great chance of getting skin tags. Due to an increase in hormonal activity during pregnancy, pregnant women get skin tags. Skin tags develop on the skin due to creasing and folding of the skin thus causing friction. In obese people, folds rub against each other and this produces skin tags.

Some research also suggests that people who have high levels of blood sugar also are more susceptible to get tags. People suffering from Type-2 Diabetes are seen having these tiny lesions on the skin. Hence to avoid them, one must maintain a good body mass ratio and consume healthy food.

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Removal Of Skin Tags:

One can seek medical intervention or remove skin tags all by themselves at home. Doctors do not recommend removing the skin tags which have a larger diameter. These tags are tough to remove and may cause excessive bleeding. The doctor will treat your skin tags using the following methods:

  • Severing The Tag: Using fine surgical scissors or a scalpel, the doctor will cut off the skin tag from its tag. Minor bleeding might occur and the wound requires stitches and may take time to heal.
  • Freezing The Tag: The skin tag is frozen using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen freezes the skin tissues of the tag and later the tag falls off. This technique is painful and discomforting but the skin heals all by itself.
  • Burning The Tag: Electricity is used to burn the skin tag. Your doctor will superheat the skin tissues of the tag through a wire conducting electricity. The heat destroys the Peduncle and the skin tag falls off.

Removing Skin Tags At Home:

Contact your dermatologist or your general practitioner before experimenting with your skin tag. Cutting or burning the skin tissues may lead to permanent scarring and even may cause bleeding. Once a wound is made, the area is open for many other infections.

It is not recommended that one should remove skin tags at home. As there is no medical supervision and one thing might lead to another.

Precautions After A Skin Tag Is Removed:

  • Keep the area of the wound clean.
  • Do not wear tight clothes or jewelry which would prevent the wound from healing.
  • Avoid leaving the wound open. As the wound is moist is can attract other viruses.

Considering Laser Treatment For Skin Tags:

Undergoing laser therapy is another method through which you can dispose of your skin tags. If you have multiple skin tags that have grown on your body, laser therapy is an effective option for you.

The radiation of the laser kills multiple skin tags one at a time. But most of the dermatologists do not include laser therapy in their treatment. They are more painful than all the other treatments like cutting, freezing, and severing.

Laser treatment also causes scarring of the tag.

Prevention Of Skin Tags:

  • Adopting a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle: Skin tags are an indication that your overall health is weak and needs to undergo some changes. Consuming excess sugar and fats may lead to getting skin tags. Research suggests that skin tags can be a signal which suggests that you might have diabetes.  Reducing weight if you are overweight and following a healthy diet is necessary.
  • Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes: If you wear tight clothes it may lead to the rubbing of the skin against the fabric of your clothing. It also prevents the skin from breathing due to compact clothing. Even though you like staying stylish, do not wear tight clothes.
  • Choose The Right Jewelry To Wear: Wearing jewelry which is harsh on the skin may also cause skin tags. For example, if you wear a piece of jewelry on the neck, you might develop a skin tag there. This is due to the constant friction of the jewelry against the skin.
  • Style Yourself Better: Loose clothing lets your skin to breathe and results in reduced sweating. If you want to prevent skin tags, you have to induce some moderations in your clothing. You can wear tight clothes and jewelry for some occasions.
  • Use Powder Where Your Skin Folds: Applying a powder where you have high chances of getting a skin tag can be beneficial. Use powder on the neck, armpits, groins and under the breasts. The powder will keep the skin dry and absorb the sweat and moisture.

Using powder will also reduce the friction and irritation of the skin. Do not use powders which have an aroma as they have chemicals in it which may irritate the skin.

Products Available At Walmart:

There are many products available at Walmart which may be effective enough to treat skin tags. These products are safe on the skin and do not aggravate the tag. Before buying any product check the ratings and read the customer reviews of the same. This will give you beforehand information about how the product can treat the tag.

Read all the directions of use provided on the carton of the package. You may also browse some videos which will give you a clear idea of how to use the product. The following are the products which you may buy at Walmart:

  • ProVent Skin Tag Remover
  • Claritag Squeeze And Freeze Tag Removal Device
  • Dr.Scholl’s Freeze Away Treatment
  • Miracle Skin Tag Remover

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Skin Tags Removal Walmart - Best Seller Of The Week -

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