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There are different types of skin growths and blemishes that start to appear on your skin over the years. Some are moles, some can be warts and other some could even be skin tags. One of the main and the most common growth noticed by the people are skin tags.

Even though they are harmless, people seem to be very keen to get them removed. This could be because of their unappealing looks, or an even some kind of uneasiness in their daily lives. Do you have skin tags, and are looking for better removal options? Before you d that, you should get a better knowledge of what are skin tags and what is the root of their cause so that they do not occur on your body again.  

What Are Skin Tags? A Detailed Diagnosis.

Skin tags are also known as fibroepithelial polyps Skin tags can occur anywhere on your body at any point of your life. These skin tags can be easily spotted by people unless they get formed on their backs. They tend to occur usually after your puberty.

But the occurrence and the growth is not at all sudden in fact they are caused due to a series of effects on the skin. The skin tags have the same color as your skin and look like a water droplet. They are formed of collagen fibers and small capillaries. The skin tags do not contain fat cells or nerve cells, therefore the inability to feel. The hang off the skin with the help of a stalk or a peduncle.

Skin tags can be of various sizes, ranging from to 2mm up to a few centimeters. All of this is covered by your natural skin. The skin on top of the skin tags is usually soft and movable.  These skin tags could also end up being of a darker color than your natural skin, but that is only due to hyperpigmentation, and it is nothing to worry about. Any normal skin tag is known to be painless, harmless and benign masses of collagen. 

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What Causes Skin Tags To Occur?

Our skin is known to protect all of our inner organs, skeleton and our muscles. It is very stretchable and easily movable or bendable. This movement of skin over the years start to for wrinkles and creases on the skin in the places where it bends. These creases tend to have friction due to the constant movements over the years. The studies have shown that the friction which is produced is responsible for the formation of the skin tags.  

These skin tags are not only formed due to friction produced by the skin but also can be formed by the friction provided by tight-fitting clothes or even rough or irritating jewelry worn in daily life.  

There are many reasons why the skin is more susceptible to skin tags on some people compared to other people. Such as having obesity, having a wrinkly skin (such as elderly people). Pregnant women are also more susceptible to skin tags than others.  

Some places on our body tend to have skin tags, parts such as: 

  • Armpits. 
  • Elbows. 
  • Groins. 
  • Behind your ears. 
  • Under the breast. 
  • On the eyelids. 

These are the places that have the maximum amount of friction produced between their skin, this is why they are more prone to skin tags than any other parts.  

 Know Whether Your Skin Tags Are Harmful Or Not:

  • Normal skin tags do not have very rapid growth. They take years to grow from small to big. If your skin tags have grown larger in size in only a few weeks than it could be problematic.  
  • The skin tags must not ache on a normal basis. If they do ache, then it is probably because of some fluid collected under them. You should immediately consult with your doctor if the skin tags are aching.  
  • Even if the skin tags bleed, they do so if there an external injury, like scraping off from jewelry or even if you have hurt it with your nails. But if the skin tags have started bleeding without any reason then you should show it to your doctor. 
  • Skin tags do not change any colors. They stay the same color that they start with throughout their lifetime. It is not normal for a skin tag to change colors, and if they do then it could be related to your health issues. 
  • You should get them checked even if they tend to be itchy, uncomfortable and/ or irritating. They could also have inflammations and cause problems for your skin. 

Skin Tags Removal Walgreen: Treatments For Skin Tags.

People try to remove them in the most convenient ways possible. They either try to burn them, freeze them, cut them off and even try to tie them to block the blood flow to the skin tag. All these methods make the skin tags fall off from the skin. But what people don’t realize is that these methods can be very painful and also harmful the skin around the tags.  

You could even choose to leave them untreated, as they don’t pose any threat or risk to your life.  

Your doctor or the physician might suggest some of these methods get rid of skin tags. They are easy to use and are also convenient. 

  • Skin tag removal creams: There are creams and other topical applications that can be easily accessed at Walgreen for skin tag removal. These creams or lotions could be efficient at drying out the skin tags in a few weeks.  
  • Tea Tree Oil: this essential oil has anti-fungal properties as well as astringent properties. This oil can dry off the contents inside the skin tags and help it decay faster. The remaining dead cells will fall off. This oil can also be easily available in the aisles of Walgreens. The q-tips used to apply this oil on the skin tags could also be purchased from the same store.  
  • Banana peels: they can help to dry the skin tags off. Place a piece of it over the tags and secure them with a bandage. Leave it overnight. And repeat the process regularly for two to three weeks.  

Why Walgreens? 

All the ingredients needed can be easily available at the Walgreens. It is a hyper store, where you can get most of the household items, from food products to grooming. It keeps varieties of items, that are suitable for many different people. They have varieties of brands preferred by people. Needless to say that this store was indeed made all the need of people to help them have easier access to the things for their daily activities.  

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Skin Tags Removal Walgreens - Best Seller Of The Week -

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