Skin Tags On Penis

Is A Bump Not Letting You Hump?

A skin tag is one of the rising issues today, people all over the world suffer from it. However, most people ignore skin tag and do not care to get it diagnosed. This is because skin tags do not cause them any harm and pain. Having a skin tag on the body is like having a bump on the body, which looks like a small balloon.

Although skin tag does not cause any pain, it can be very annoying for a person. If one wishes to get their skin tags removed then, there are various treatments, which can help them. However, most people do not prefer to get their skin tag removed. This is because there is a myth, removing skin tag will lead to more skin tag.

A person can get skin tag on any part of their body, most people get skin tag on their eyelid, neck, armpits, belly etc. One person can have 1 to 100 bumps on their body, this can be embarrassing and irritating for one. Most people get skin tag on their gentile areas such as anus, penis, upper breast etc.

Having a skin tag on the penis can be very hard and difficult for men. This is because most men feel embarrassing talking about it openly, with their doctor, family, and friends. Thus, they ignore getting it diagnosed, however, it is important to get skin tag treated because it can annoy and irritate a person a lot.

If you got skin tag on your penis or gentile area, but you are unable to get it treated due to embarrassment. Then keep on reading this article given by an expert. Here you will find some useful information’s, which will help you in removing skin tags safely.

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What Is Skin Tag?

A skin tag is one of the most common skin-related issues, the majority of people suffer from it. Not many people know what causes skin tags, however, in most cases, people get skin tags due to obesity, swelling etc.

A skin tag is like a bump which looks like a small and soft suspended balloon, its color is flesh and browner. According to the doctors, almost every person gets a skin tag at some part of life. One person can have around a hundred skin tag on their body.

People usually get skin tag on their neck, eyelid, armpits, under breasts and groin folds. Mostly obese adult and middle-aged people become prone to skin tags. Both males and females are equally prone to skin tags, babies also get a bump.

Some skin tags fell off on their own after some years. However, some skin tags stay forever and to remove them one need to undergo treatment. Doctors and physio address skin tags as acrochordon, soft fibroma, fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma, acrochordon. In some parts of the world, skin tags are known as skin tab.

At an initial stage, a skin tag is small like the size of a pinhead. But other skin tags are 2mm to 5mm in diameter, which is one-half of the pencil eraser. However, some skin tags get as large as a big grape 1 cm in diameter or a fig 5 cm in diameter.

One can get skin tag at any part of their body, however, most people get skin tag on their neck and armpits. Eyelids and upper chest are other common areas, where people get skin tag. People get skin tag when their skin is get rubbed against clothes or itself. Thus, babies can also get skin tags, in the area, which get rubbed against clothes.

Most older children get skin tag in their armpits, due to constant friction, between skin itself and repetitive irritation.

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What Is Skin Tag On Penis?

Skin tag on a penis is the same as having a skin tag on any other body part, however, having a bump on the penis can be very uncomfortable. This is because most people do not prefer to discuss, their problem with doctor or friends.

Not many people know what causes skin tag on the penis. However, researchers are still trying to find out what causes skin tag on the penis. But it mostly caused, when your skin gets rubbed against itself or clothes.

The bump on your penis will not cause you any pain or harm. However, it can cause some kind of discomfort, during sexual intercourse. If you have a skin tag on your gentile area, then you should know, that it can be transmitted during sexual activity.

People who have a skin tag on their penis are mostly like to have metabolic syndrome such as diabetes etc. Some people get skin tag on their penis, because of the family history and some people due to obesity.

If you have a skin tag on your penis, then do not worry there are many treatments available to get it removed. If you wish to remove your skin tag then you must explain your condition to your doctor, without any hesitation.

How To Treat Skin Tag On Penis?

There is numerous treatment available to get rid of skin tag from the penis, however, most people prefer to use home remedies. Most people use apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, castor oil, baking soda to remove the bump from the penis. People use these remedies because they have properties to weak the stalk, which is attached to one skin tag.

However, while using these home remedies one has to be very careful, this is because these remedies can burn one skin. Also because the skin in the penile area is very sensitive. According to the doctors, more study required to prove the effects of the remedies.

If you are not comfortable in removing the bump from your penis by yourself, then you can get it removed with the help of a doctor. They will use nitrogen for removing the bump from your penis safely, without causing any effect on your penis.


The skin tag is a very common issue today, a lot of people get a lot of bump on their skin. Some people can get skin tag on their gentile parts, most men develop a bump on their penis. However, it can be removed by using home remedies or with the help of the doctor.

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