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Can Walgreens Help With Skin Tags?

Skin tags are round in shape and are soft to touch. They hang by the skin and develop on a stalk. This stalk is known as Peduncle and it makes the tag move back and forth. They are very common and are benign in nature. Almost 75% of the population develops a skin tag at least once in their lifetime.

They differ in colors and sizes and they can maximum grow up to two inches wide. A skin tag looks similar to a flat deflated balloon. Though they are visible, one can confuse them with warts.

Skin tags are more common in the neck, groin, armpits, under the breasts and sometimes on the face. One can get a skin tag anywhere on his or her body.

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What Causes The Occurrence Of Skin Tags?

The components of skin tags include loose collagen fibers and blood vessels. The skin tissues surround these fibers and blood vessels. Collagen is a well-known protein found in the body.

Skin tags are common in both men and women. They tend to occur more in people who are overweight or obese in nature. People suffering from type-2 diabetes are also more susceptible to getting skin tags. Elder people or people who are aging also do get skin tags.

Skin tags also develop in pregnant women because of their hormones undergoing changes. The rest of the others develop skin tags and medicine has no clear reason for it.

Skin tags grow in the areas where the skin creates friction and rubs against itself. For example, in the groin region and in the armpits, the skin folds and creases develop. Hence these areas are the common spots for a skin tag to develop.

Because of the folding of the skin, obese people tend to get more skin tags. They have thick thighs and due to their rubbing against each other, they undergo chafing and tags develop.

Are Skin Tags Problematic?

Skin tags are harmless in nature as said above. But people remove them as there is a possibility that they might snag on to clothes or jewelry. If the skin tag is irritated due to external factors like these, there is a chance that it might bleed. Bleeding of the skin tags then becomes an uncomfortable event and it can be problematic.

The Cosmetic reason is the main reason why people tend to get rid of skin tags. Even though they are tiny, they are visible without any strain on the eyes. People’s self-esteem’s are in danger due to these small tags and hence they treat it without any delay.

Sometimes the tag may change its color and may grow in size which is greater than the normal skin tag. In this condition, ask your general practitioner to conduct a biopsy and check whether the tag is harmless or no. the growth of the skin tag must inhibit after it looks similar to a pencil rubber.

What Are The Different Ways Through Which Skin Tags Can Be Removed?

Do not try to remove skin tags at your home without speaking to your general practitioner first. He will analyze the condition and brief you about the removal process if the skin tag is normal. If the tag shows any abnormal signs, the doctor won’t ask you to remove it all by yourself. In cases like these, he will remove the tag by opting for surgery.

Skin tags can be burnt or frozen using liquid nitrogen, just like warts. But both of these techniques may lead to scarring. Sometimes, freezing the tag doesn’t work in one go and hence multiple sessions are done to remove the tag. People also tend to remove tags by undergoing surgery. In this, the doctor uses local anesthesia to numb the area of the tag.

Only if your skin tag has a small diameter or a narrow base, then your doctor will ask you to remove it at home. The general practitioner may suggest the following methods:

  • Tying the base of the skin tag to a string of dental floss. This will cut the blood supply of the tag and it will fall off. This process is also known as litigation.
  • Cutting the skin tag with scissors. While removing the tag by using this technique, you must take care that the scissors are sterile enough. They must cut finely and must be sharp enough to extract the tag from the body.

Never engage in cutting or removing the tags all by yourself if the diameter of the tag is more than normal. As the tag has a blood supply, there is a chance that the tag may bleed too much. To avoid loss of excessive blood, do not practice removing a larger tag at home.

What Are Genital Skin Tags?

Genital Tags are soft tissue fibromas which can be bend with ease and don’t cause any discomfort while doing so. They are tiny just like the other skin tags and are the color of your flesh.

Skin tags do not change much over time and their growth becomes stagnant. One must consult a doctor if the tag grows in a rapid manner even after the first stages of development.

It is typical to see that the skin tag changes its color from light brown to dark brown. One must not worry if this change is seen.

Skin tags are very common and affect almost everybody at some point in their lives. With the groin region, skin tags may also appear in your genitalia.

Vaginal skin tags are very rare because of the moisture of the vagina. As skin tags develop due to friction, the moist nature of the vagina prevents this. Skin tags might still develop on the pubis or labia.

Skin Tag Removal Walgreens:

If you do not want to try any of the methods mentioned above, try using a wide range of products from Walgreens. With an efficient technology, these products may help you to extinguish your tag.

Walgreens also evaluate and determine your skin tag. They will tell you which of your skin tags are normal and which are not. They will also conduct the removal procedure of the tag is bothersome.

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Skin Tag Removal Walgreens - Best Seller Of The Week -

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