Plantar Warts On Feet

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Warts are the most common skin related issue today. Majority of people suffering from it, one can get warts at any part of the body. One of the most common places to get warts are face, neck, hands, legs etc. People also get warts in their genital areas such as penis, anus, testicles, upper breast and under the breast.

Nowadays people also suffering from plantar warts, it appears like any other warts, however, it causes a lot of pain. Plantar warts make it hard for one to walk or stand up because it causes too much pain. If you are also experiencing pain while walking, then keep on reading this article. Here you will find out what causes plantar warts and how to get rid of them.

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Plantar Warts?

It is very easy to notice plantar wart, this is because the first symptoms of plantar warts are the pain. While putting little pleasure on your foot, you may experience pain or tenderness during walking. You can even spot warts it will appear like a flat bump on the skin.

You might notice a black spot or a yellowed crust in the center of warts. It will appear as corn, but plantar warts appearance varies from location and structure. Usually plantar warts develop on the top of toes, however, it also commonly found on heals.

Plantar warts can also develop inward since a lot of pressure are put on them during walking and standing. With time plantar warts will keep on growing and start causing more pain. In some cases when plantar warts get too big, it splits into two parts and starts bleeding.

So, if you feel pain while walking or standing then this means that you have developed plantar warts. In such a case, you must immediately visit the doctor and get it treated before it gets worse.

What Causes Plantar Warts?

Plantar warts are caused due to many reasons, however, one of the most common reason is HPV, this virus is the primary cause of warts. Usually one gets this virus due to sexual intercourse with the person who has HPV. However, HPV can also enter into one body from the tiny cuts, breaks or any other spots.

There are more than 100 types of HPV virus, however, only a few of them leads to plantar warts. One can get warts on any part of the body, head, neck, underarms etc are some of the very common places. Most people also get warts in their genital areas such as penis, anus, testicles, upper breast and under the breast.

Most people get plantar warts is because their immune system is weak and not able to fight with HPV. Thus, most children and young adults develop warts on their toes or soul, this is because they have a weak immune system.

Some people get plantar warts due to genetics if any family member of you have had warts. Then there is a high risk for you developing warts on your body. The type of HPV virus which causes plantar warts are not contagious. Thus, plantar warts do not spread from one person to another through direct contact.

The kind of HPV virus which causes plantar warts are present in the warm, moist environment. Thus, it is important that you avoid walking barefoot on the places, where other people have. Places like the locker room and swimming pools, because there is a high risk of getting HPV virus from these places.

Once you get any HPV, it will lead to more warts in any area of your body. The types of HPV which lead to plantar warts are HPV-1, 2, 4, 60 and 63.

How To Prevent Plantar Warts?

If you want to minimize the risk of getting plantar weeds, then do the following:

  • Clean your hands thoroughly after making direct contact with warts including your own warts.
  • Develop the habit of changing your shoes and socks every day, also try to keep your feet clean and dry.
  • Walking barefoot around swimming pools and locker rooms can increase the risk of getting plantar warts. Thus, avoid it.
  • Avoid touching your warts, this means you should avoid scratching and picking your warts.
  • Avoid using the pumice stone, emery board or nail clipper on warts, which you use on your skin and nails.
  • Go to the doctors to get HPV vaccine, there are some studies, which says it may prevent warts. However, more studies are required to confirm or deny it.
  • Use vaccines such as Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and cervix. They are very effective in preventing genital warts. This is because they target different types of HPV strains mostly 6, 11, 13, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58.

These are some of the very helpful points for preventing plantar warts. However, you must also maintain good foot hygiene. You can do that by avoiding walking barefoot on the places, where other people have. If you do not know how to maintain clean foot, then visit salons for procedures such as pedicures.

Also, try to sanitizing washbasins and other areas of the washroom. If you already have plantar warts, then change your shoes and socks daily, this will prevent you from spreading the virus. Apply talcum powder on the feet, because it will absorb excess moisture and perspiration.

How To Treat Plantar Warts?

Some people who have plantar warts get rid of it naturally, but most people require proper treatment to get rid of it. There are many methods present to get rid of plantar warts, one can remove one at home or with the help of the doctor. However, some of the natural treatment to get rid of the plantar warts are:

  • Burning warts with the help of salicylic, this topical cream is very effective for removing plantar warts.
  • One of the most common treatments for removing plantar warts is nitrogen. This liquid will freeze off warts.
  • Cutting of warts.
  • Some people use essential oil for removing warts, it makes warts fell off.

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Plantar Warts On Feet - Best Seller Of The Week -

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