Painful Lump On Bottom Of Foot Under Skin

Don’t Ignore The Pain Under Your Foot!

Do you experience severe pain while walking? Are your feet hurting when you do simple activities like standing or walking? If the answer to these questions is yes then it is possible that you have developed a painful lump on the bottom of the foot under your skin. The lump is discomforting when there is any pressure applied on the feet. There are numerous conditions which can cause a bump under the skin of the foot. Some conditions may worsen with time and may require urgent medical intervention.

Causes Of A Bump Under The Foot:

Uneven distribution  of weight on the foot:

Sometimes the metatarsals or the long bones behind the toe are badly aligned. This results in unequal distribution of weight on the foot and it aches while a person walks. Uneven distribution basically means that some areas of the foot draw more pressure as compared to the other parts. These may affect the ball of the foot and develop a callus or a lump. Diabetic patients often suffer from uneven weight distribution and develop a large number of lumps. Lumps on the foot of diabetic patients may further develop into ulcers. Hence it is important that one must analyze the changes of the lump and take medical help.

Restricted movement of the toe joint:

If the big toe joint of a person doesn’t move correctly or its movement is limited it can absorb a lot of pressure. Due to an excessive force on the big toe, it is possible that one might develop a callus on the bottom side of the big toe.

Plantar Fibromas:

Within the arch of a person’s foot, nodular masses are formed which are called as Plantar Fibromas. They are formed within the ligament of the foot called the Plantar Fascia. The cause of these fibromas is still not determined. But they can tend to enlarge in size and may cause pain while doing any activity which involves the use of feet. When patients are associated with the drug named Dilantin or there is damage to the tendon, Plantar Fibromas develop on the foot.

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Dyshidrotic Eczema:

This type of eczema can cause bumps on the foot which are moist, filled with fluid and cause unbearable itchiness. Increased stress and allergies due to a weak immune system are the links presented by doctors due to which Dyshidrotic Eczema is caused. The surface if the skin becomes cracked and is painful when touched. The skin becomes flakey and the flakes fall off. Avoid pulling or itching of the skin as it may bleed and develop a secondary infection.

Plantar Warts:

Plantar warts are warts which occur on the plantar side or the bottom side of the foot. These warts are non-cancerous but may develop to become troublesome. They are tender and fleshy in appearance and are contagious. One must secure them with a covering while out in public places. The cause of the wart is the virus named Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.


Bursitis is an inflammation caused due to excessive friction or injury between the bones and the skin tissues. Due to this friction, there is a lump developed on the foot.


Cysts are filled with fluid and are circular in nature. They can occur anywhere on the body and just like Plantar Warts are harmless. But they can be painful if the cyst site is on the bottom of the foot.

Synovial Sarcoma:

Synovial Sarcoma is a type of cancer of the soft tissue. It can spread to other parts of the body if they don’t receive any diagnosis. If they are present on the bottom side of the foot they can cause pain and even numbness of the foot.

Haglund’s Deformity:

It is a bump that is developed on the heel under the Achilles Tendon. It is can cause pain and discomfort when it comes in contact with the shoe due to the friction between them.

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Treatment For A Painful Lump On The Bottom Of The Foot Under Your Skin:

  1. For Uneven Weight Distribution: A molded innersole can be used to even out the pressure. Using orthotics can treat bumps on the foot.
  2. For Restricted Movement of the Big Toe Joint: Your doctor may recommend using an orthotic which will cause the toe to move properly, hence reducing the pressure on it.
  3. For Plantar Fibromas: Foot orthotics may be used to reduce the pressure on the foot as warts can cause pain. Warts can also be removed by undergoing surgery. Most often Plantar Warts do not come back,
  4. For Bursitis: Most people cure Bursitis with taking a good amount of rest, using anti-inflammatory ointments and treating the lump with ice. If the condition doesn’t settle with any of these methods, the doctor may recommend corticosteroids or physical therapy. If the case worsens, surgery may be required to remove the mass.
  5. Cysts: A medical practitioner may simply inject a needle into the cyst and will drain all the liquid of the cyst. Do not drain the water of the cyst at home using scissors as it can cause bleeding.
  6. Synovial Sarcoma: It is dangerous is nature and therefore needs medical intervention. People may undergo surgery to remove the sarcoma or take chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  7. Haglund’s Deformity: Both home remedies and medical treatments are available for the diagnosis of Haglund’s Deformity. Home remedies include using anti-inflammatory ointments, using ice on the affected area, or wearing shoes which are open at the back. If these methods turn out to be futile one might undergo an ultrasound treatment, massage of the soft tissue.  Using orthotics and heel pads and wearing immobilizing boots also helps. In worse cases, surgery would be also an option.

The above are the various different causes of developing a painful lump on the bottom of the foot under your skin. Before taking any prescribed treatment, analyze the lump on the skin and examine it what kind of bump is it. Some bumps may heal naturally and may go away on their own. To get a proper diagnosis, it is better to get medical help. Even after taking medical treatment, the condition still persists then one may even think of getting surgery to heal the case.

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painful lump on bottom of foot under skin
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