Mosaic Warts

Unsure Of The Type Of Wart Growing On Your Skin? 

Nowadays there are many people who are suffering from warts and other skin growths. People often tend to get confused regarding the skin growth developing on their skin. Not only skin growths even warts can get extremely confusing at times.  

Common warts, pigmented warts, plantar warts, and flat warts are some of the common types of warts. Mosaic warts are a type of plantar warts. Continue reading the article given below to know more about mosaic warts and other different types of warts. 

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What Are Warts? 

Warts are skin growths that protrude from your skin. These small growths with rough texture generally look like a small cauliflower. In simpler words, warts are raised bumps that might grow on any area of your skin. Warts are generally caused by the human papillomavirus also known as HPV. If this virus comes in contact with your skin then a person might probably develop a wart. According to health care experts, warts are more likely to develop on broken skin.  

These skin growths are usually harmless but sometimes it might get painful and bother you. Also, they are contagious in nature. Some studies show us that people with a weaker immune system are more likely to get infected with warts and such other skin growths. Flat warts, pigmented warts, plantar warts, common warts, and palmar warts are some of the most common types of warts.  

Mosaic wart is a subtype of plantar warts. Health care experts also refer to mosaic warts as recalcitrant plantar warts or verrucae. Mosaic warts have a tendency to grow in a cluster on the plantar side of your foot. It might be difficult to remove a mosaic wart if it has grown deep inside your skin. However, in most of the cases, these warts fall off on their own. 

Treatments Available For Mosaic Warts 

Medical experts usually advise that you should not remove a mosaic wart as it goes away without any treatment. Also removing a wart might sometimes lead to a scar. However, if it is causing any pain or bothering you then you can get it removed. Given below are some of the methods that might help you to remove a mosaic wart. 

  • Salicylic acid applications: These applications are available at drugstores. Applying salicylic acid solution on the wart helps to exfoliate dead layers of skin. It also helps to trigger the immune system to fight the virus that causes mosaic warts. 
  • Cryotherapy: This is a process that involves a medical professional freezing a wart. Undergoing cryotherapy can be extremely painful if the warts are deep. However, this treatment is considered to be more effective to treat warts that grow on your hands. 
  • Injections: Even injections are considered a great alternative to treat mosaic warts. It helps to trigger the immune system which in turn helps to fight HPV. For example bleomycin, candida antigen, interferon-alpha, etc.  
  • Oral medications: Sometimes a doctor may even prescribe an oral medication rather than a surgery. Cimetidine, retinoids, etc are some of the medications that doctors usually suggest to reduce the symptoms of warts. 
  • Laser Therapies: Warts can be treated by undergoing laser treatments as well. Laser therapies such as pulse dye laser or Nd: YAG is usually used for wart removal treatments. Moreover, laser treatments basically focus on the upper layers of the skin.  
  • Surgery: A medical professional generally recommends surgery if the mosaic wart is causing discomfort since years. Undergoing surgery might be painful. It can also cause a minor scar. However, the scar usually fades away with time.  

Symptoms Of Mosaic Warts 

Mosaic warts are caused by human papillomavirus. HPV infects the cells in the skin that causes warts. This virus can spread either through direct contact with a person or by touching contaminated surfaces. HPV enters through small breaks in the skin. 

These warts usually grow in a cluster on the bottom side of your foot. It is also known as the plantar side of the foot. If you only have a single wart on the bottom side of your foot then it is known as a solitary wart. Given below are some of the signs and symptoms of mosaic warts. 

  • Bump or thicker skin on the bottom side of your foot. People often tend to mistake a mosaic wart for a callus. 
  • Experiencing pain while walking or standing. 
  • Black dots developing on the skin growths.   

How To Prevent Mosaic Warts? 

There are certain precautions that you can follow in order to prevent mosaic warts. Some of these precautions are listed below. 

  • Wear comfortable shoes that have pads in their sole. Also, keep your feet clean all the time. 
  • You can also use special pads that are available at the drugstores in order to prevent mosaic warts.  
  • Cover your warts with a waterproof bandage or with verruca socks. This will prevent the virus to spread to other people. 
  • Avoid sharing shoes, socks or any other footwear items with anyone. Also, wash your footwear items at regular intervals. 
  • Make sure that you do not go barefoot in public places. This will help in ensuring the maximum chance of cure. 
  • Never scratch warts because doing so will only spread these viral skin growths. 


To conclude with this article we can say that warts are usually harmless growths that protrude from your skin. Warts are generally caused by the human papillomavirus also known as HPV. Plantar warts can vary from about a few millimeters to more than one centimeter in size. They usually have small black dots which might be visible only through close inspection.  

In some cases, it is difficult to identify whether it is a skin growth is a wart or corn. Such cases require a medical professional might pare down the area in order to confirm the type of skin growth. There are various treatments available that might help you to clear warts. Some of these medical treatments include cryosurgery, laser treatments, oral medications, etc. However, warts usually resolve themselves and do require any medical treatment. 

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Mosaic Warts - Best Seller Of The Week -

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