ICD 10 Skin Tag

Do you wish to have perfectly clear skin with no flaws? Well, everyone wishes to have that. Are you aware that there is a skin condition that might shatter this dream of yours? You might as well develop a skin condition in which you will experience a number of out-growths on your skin. These outgrowths are skin-colored and vary in size. 

If you are freaking out because you cannot deal with the very idea of developing such a disorder or one who is suffering from something similar, then keep reading this article. We introduce you to a disorder which might not cause you much physical discomfort, but definitely make you pretty self-conscious about your skin- fibroepithelial polyp. 

This condition is commonly known as skin tags. If you have been diagnosed for this condition, the doctor might have told you that this condition comes under the code ICD 10. ICD 10 is the code for identification of the condition of skin tags.  

ICD 10 Skin Tags: 

You might be alarmed if you see small uneven skin-colored out-growths hanging off of your skin. A million questions might come to your mind like, are they dangerous? Or infectious? Signs of some underlying major disease? Well, you do not need to worry as these out-growths are most probably just skin tags identified by the code ICD 10. 

ICD 10 is the medical code used for a number of disorders, skin tags being one of them. The classification of these conditions with the help of codes help the doctors and medical professionals to treat them much efficiently. These small out-growths vary in size, growing to a few millimeters to 2 inches in length. 

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Causes of skin tag: 

Skin tags are the second most common reason for out-growths to develop on the skin. They are caused due to a number of reasons. Some of the causes of developing skin tags are: 

Elevated blood sugar levels in your system might be a major cause of developing skin tags. 

Skin tags are also caused by the rubbing of the skin with itself. Therefore, skin tags occur mostly in your underarms, groin, eyelids, neck and similar parts of the body. 

Fibroepithelial polyp might also occur in cases of hormonal imbalance. People suffering from disrupted hormone levels due to certain conditions are also prone to skin tags.  

Who are prone to skin tags: 

Skin tags are a pretty common occurrence worldwide. This is because this condition is not caused by any virus, but due to different changes or happenings in your body. The people suffering from type 2 diabetes seem to be prone to skin tags. This gives us an idea that one of the major reasons for developing skin tags is elevated blood sugar levels. 

Also, people who are overweight or obese seem to be prone to skin tags as well. As their skin has more folds in it, there is a high possibility of the skin rubbing to itself. Thus, this friction between skin leads to the loosening of the collagen fibers and blood vessels. Therefore, skin tags are developed. 

In addition to the people dealing with diabetes and obesity, skin tags are also extremely common among older people. As you grow old, your skin stops creating as much collagen as it used to. Thus, this leads to the wear and tear of these fibers, finally resulting in skin tags. Skin tags are also discovered in pregnant women due to the hormonal imbalance caused due to the pregnancy. 

Symptoms of skin tag: 

There are no such specific symptoms reported in case of a person suffering from skin tag beside the out-growth of skin-colored particles from the skin. In some cases, the skin might itch though. Apart from this, in a few cases, it has also been observed that the out-growths might have caused pain and even discomfort. Therefore, mild pain and discomfort can also be seen as symptoms of skin tags. 

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Removal of skin tags: 

Fibroepithelial polyp does not cause any adverse effect on the person who is affected by it. Though there are generally no physical negative effects apart from slight pain or discomfort, skin tags might cause mental issues. There are high chances of people suffering from this condition suffering from depression and insecurities. They develop self-doubt pretty often. Due to this, they might want to get these removed.  

Skin tags can be removed quite easily most of the time. People can go through surgery to get these out-growths removed. These surgeries, however, can prove to be expensive as they are classified under cosmetic surgeries. 

You can also get them removed by burning them or freezing them so that they fall off automatically from your skin. Apart from these methods, you can also try to stop the blood supply to these out-growths with the use of dental floss. Therefore, skin tags can also fall off with this method. 

No matter which method you opt for, it is advised that you consult your doctor or a medical professional before you get them removed. Sometimes, your doctor may ask you to remove them yourself if they are small and narrow. In this case, you can simply use a sterile pair of scissors and chop them off. 


As with every other condition that you might suffer, fibroepithelial polyp also has a few precautions that you need to follow. You must keep in mind that if you are suffering from skin tags then you must go see a doctor.  

After knowing the cause of the disorder, try to get rid of it. Apart from that, try not to play skin sports, the friction between skins might cause your condition to get worse.  

It is most preferable to go see a medical professional in case your condition is worsening. You must get it removed only with professional help if the tags are painful and disturbing. Trying to remove them yourself might worsen them and also cause excessive bleeding. 


Though skin tags is a pretty common phenomenon, it is important to treat it well. If not treated well, this condition can lead to pain and discomfort in the day to day activities. Seeking medical help is always the best option in such conditions. 

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