Essential Oils For Skin Tags

Essential Skin Care With Essential Oils 

Skincare is as important as brushing your teeth, bathing, and other rituals. Your skin urges the nutrition it needs on a daily basis. Skincare does not always include applying lotions or emptying bottles of moisturizers. It also involves in eradicating the barrier which bars your beauty. There is a tiny and accepted-by-all barrier which is a major obstacle in your skin care. That barrier is skin tags. Skin tags might sound completely normal and nominal. But not every moon needs patches. You should not compromise with your glowing skin just because of some portion of extra skin hanging off the body. Essential oils are on their way for some essential help.  

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What Are Skin Tags? 

Skin Tags are known as benign which are non-cancerous skin tumors. These are the extra growth hanging off the skin. Thus, they can be referred to as the excess folds of the skin caused by the formation of multiple internal skin layers. However, these tags appear like a flesh colored growth which look like a sprout from a narrow stalk. Skin tags are also called cutaneous tags or acrochordons or soft fibromas. 

Characteristics Of Skin Tags: 

There are the basic features which lay the foundation of the concept of skin tags. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Skin tags are usually harmless and cause no pain to the body. 
  • They might be irritating due to the constant rubbing of skin against skin. 
  • Skin tags look extremely appealing due to uneven shape and ill-structure. 
  • Such tags are generally flesh-colored or may be darker than the actual skin tone. 

Areas Where Skin Tags Appear: 

These are the areas where you commonly find skin tags: 

  • Neck 
  • Eyelids 
  • Groin area 
  • Armpits 

Causes Of Tags: 

Everything happens for a reason. Some of the reasons which contribute to the formation of skin tags: 

  • Skin tags occur when the clusters of collagen and blood vessels become trapped inside thicker pieces of skin.  
  • They are also commonly seen during pregnancy. 
  • Most of the people suffering from obesity and diabetes have high chances of developing skin tags. 
  • These are also caused by skin rubbing against the skin which causes friction. This eventually gives rise to the formation of skin tags. 
  • People who are associated with hyperinsulinemia- a condition where too much insulin is circulated in blood, also have an inclined growth towards skin tags. 

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Essential Oils For Skin Tags -

Essential Oils For Removing Skin Tags: 

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is an antimicrobial essential oil which has several medicinal properties. It has antifungal and antibacterial attributes. It is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea tree plant is a native plant in Australia. It is available both in pure as well as diluted form as well. However, people use tea tree oil for decades for skincare and beauty purposes. Tea Tree Oil is famous as it has dehydrating properties which when applied to the tag, dehydrates it and compel it to fall off. Tea tree oil is an effective remedy in treating bruises and burns. As it is antifungal, it cures eczema and ringworms. It might burn your skin a bit if you apply it neatly. Hence, you must use a carrier oil to dilute to feel calm after applying it. Just because it is organic, it should not be ingested orally. Oral consumption of tea tree oil can prove fatal and cause confusion and delirium. High dosage of tea tree oil may result in coma. 

Clove Oil:

Clove is the most commonly found household spice in the kitchen. No second thoughts on how effective the spice has been. It is traditionally used in a lot of recipes and remedies. This oil is not as common as the actual spice. Cloves are harvested from the clove tree which is mainly native to Indonesia, India, and Pakistan. It is chiefly found in the East-Asian part of the Asian Continent. The trading of this spice has been a deal for hundreds of years. It has shown fruitful results in curing toothaches. It has a uniquely strong, warm, and spicy.  Like tea tree oil, it must be diluted and must not be ingested. Consuming it orally might cause toxic effects which may later harm your body. 

Oregano Oil:

As fries are incomplete without ketchup, pizza is incomplete without oregano. Who wondered this delicious herb can turn a remedy for skin tags? Oregano is a relative of mint. It is a traditional spice in Italy and various other Mediterranean countries. It is often used as a popular topping and garnishing element. It is pleasantly aromatic and a bitter taste. However, it is obtained through a regular scientific method of distillation. It is a pure extract of baby oregano leaves. It is also used as a folk remedy for gastrointestinal problems.  

Lemon Oil:

Lemon Oil needs no special description. It is simply made up of lemon zest or peel. Unlike all the other oils, lemon oil needs no fractionation or distillation. Instead, it is simply extracted from cold pressing technique to extract the oil. It is literally squeezed out to the fullest. Lemon is an anti-bacterial fruit perfect for cleansing and purifying. It contains citric acid which is best insecticides and antimicrobial in nature. Extract of lemon or lemon oil is often used in aromatherapies. Lemon oil has a rich and vibrant smell which is accustomed to everyone. It is vital in removing skin tags if you blend it with a carrier oil. As the citrus content in lemon oil causes phototoxicity, it has slight chances of irritation. Hence, lemon oil should not be exposed to sunlight as it can result in a severe burn. 


While using any essential oil, you must consider the following points. Precautions that are important to be noted are as follows: 

  • Do not ingest any of the essential oils. 
  • Always dilute the oil with a carrier oil. 
  • Use the oils in small quantities to avoid reactions due to overdosage. 
  • Always use any of the essential oils on a small patch of the skin, to test it. 
  • If you experience any irritation or allergy, contact your physician immediately. 


The bottom line is that if you want to go green and choose to treat skin tags naturally, essential oils are the best remedy on skin tags. Skin tags are the excess skin of the body, grown out unevenly. However, essential oils help the body cease the supply of oxygen to the tag, resulting in dehydration of the skin tag. Thus, this will lead to the falling of the unwanted skin tag in a purely natural way. Since this method is less expensive, it will not dig a hole in your pocket. Therefore, the discovery of the real and confident YOU is just a few drops way. 

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Essential Oils For Skin Tags -

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