Argan Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin

Secrets Of “The Liquid Gold”

Argan Oil A.K.A the “Liquid Gold” is the natural elixir of beauty. Extracted from kernels o the argan tree, it is implicitly found only in Morocco. But what is the hype all about?

“The Liquid Gold” was a term given to Argan oil for its all-rounder beauty benefits. It is the natural way of combating various beauty breakdowns we all go through at some point.

Be it age, excessive stress or just genes related problems, you will find a solution in this natural ingredient.

Where Is Argan Oil Found?

Exclusively found in Morocco, it is an organic product extremely rich is Vitamin E and Essential Fatty acids. It’s being heavily used in cosmetics for its benefits that include skin care and hair nourishing.

With it’s authentic and pure essence, argan oil is a trusted element in any product. From shampoos to creams and serums to body washes, it is used in this industry ever since. You can differentiate between a natural and artificial Argan oil by its fragrance. It leaves behind a nutty, dense and a very strong fragrance that proves it’s quality.

Always buy an authentic 100% Pure and Organic Argan Oil.

What Does Argan Oil Contain?

Argan oil is rich in Vitamin A, E and Omega-6/ Omega-3 fatty acids and Linoleic acid.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant. It fights free radical and oxidation making our skin look healthy. It reduces inflammation and skin reactions. It is also involved with cell regeneration, slowing the process of aging.

Vitamin E

It is a fat-soluble Vitamin, that helps maintain neurological processes and organ functioning. It repairs skin tissues and helps them look healthy. Also, prevents diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Omega 3/6 Fatty Acids

These fatty acids build the structure and accelerate functioning of cells throughout your body. It protects your skin against UV radiations to maintain healthy and flawless skin.

Linoleic Acid

It is a colorless polyunsaturated fatty acid. Your body doesn’t synthesize this acid and thus you need a daily supplement for it. It is usually thought to be derived from olive oil.

How Does It Work? Or Does It?

It works like magic!! Why use synthetic chemicals when you have Mother Nature pouring beneficial elements for your amazing body?

Argan Oil Skin Care Benefits

Skin Infections

Bid adieu to skin allergies and reactions. Argan oil neutralizes any sort of developing skin reactions or allergies which make it less itchy and red.

Even Skin Tone

All the damage that the sun caused can be repaired with argan. UV rays that penetrate deep into your skin depriving it of all the nutrients and be reversed. Use this oil as a moisturizer to even out skin tone and remove skin pigmentation.


Argan oil, due to its molecular assembly, seeps deep into the skin tissues repairing collagen and elastin and thus making your skin free of wrinkles and fine lines.


The arrival of acne is painful and so are the after marks. Applying argan oil during initial stages on acne will help them tone down and also prevent cruel acne marks. The high linoleic acid content in argan oil also reduces inflammation caused by acne.

Stretch Marks

Vitamins found in argan oil (A/E) moisturizes your skin avoiding stretch marks tremendously. It keeps your skin hydrated and nourished and prevents sagging.


Argan oil can also be used it as a regular moisturizer. It is a safer and better option to opt for rather than Chemicals. Synthetic formulas while providing moisturizing effects also damage the skin in the long run.

Argan Oil For Hair Benefits

Leave In Conditioner

Apply argan oil to your roots while going out in the sun. It will provide a long lasting shield for your hair and make it less prone to damage. No more shying away because of frizzy dull hair. Protect yours from the cruel heat of hair dryers and curlers.

Repairs Spilt Ends

Deeply nourishing your hair with argan oil thrice a week will treat your split ends forever.

Hair Growth

Using the right amount of argon oil alone or mixed with other natural ingredients (not mandatory) will promote hair growth. You’ll start noticing a great difference in the hair quality as well as quantity.

Strengthens Hair Follicles

Fed up looking at your pillow with dozens of hair strands almost daily? Argan comes to your rescue. It strengthens hair follicles which result in an instant drop in hair fall.

Secondary Benefits Of Argan Oil

Strong Nails

Cure brittle nails by either oral intake or argan oil or massaging your nails with it.

Lowers Cholesterol

Argan oil is one of the richest sources of omega acids and plant sterols. This helps in blocking absorption of bad cholesterol in your intestinal tract.

Relieves Arthritis

Flavonoids present in Argan oil treat both external and internal problems, including relieving the pain and swelling of arthritis.

Improves Digestion

It does so by increasing pepsin concentration in the stomach, necessary for easy digestion. Pepsin is an enzyme present in gastric juice that digests proteins carbs and fats quickly.

Fights Cancer

Skin cancer is a growing concern among many these days. Pollution, chemicals together have framed a bad picture of our skin. Argan oil helps to heal the signs of skin cancer, being an antioxidant, by protecting skin from free radicals.

Where To Buy Argan Oil?

Not everybody has the means to go to Morocco and invest in argan oil! That will not be counted as a smart move. Though a little expensive, it is now available in markets. Always buy 100% pure and organic Argan Oil from Morocco.

Argan oil can be ordered online too. Just make sure that it is 100% organic Argan Oil.

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Argan Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin

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