Anal Warts

Don’t Let Anal Warts Be A Pain In The Ass!

Anal warts are one of the rising issues today, both men and women develop it. But they do not notice them and avoid them until they start causing them pain and discomfort. Anal warts are basically bumps in the genital areas if you want to know more about them, then keep on reading this article.

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What Are Anal Warts?

People can get warts in any part of their body, even in the anus, in medical terms, anal warts are called condyloma acuminate. In this condition the area around the anus gets affected, it also affects the skin around the genital area.

Anal warts look like a tiny spot or big spot, it can be small like the size of a pinhead and it can also be big enough to cover the entire anal area. The wart will appear as flesh or little brown color and it has a black spot on it, which is blood vessels.

The wart does not cause any kind of pain and discomfort, one will not even know if they have a wart, until they feel it or see it. Some people know that they have a wart when they are experiencing itching, bleeding, mucus discharge or feeling a lump in the anus area.

Symptoms Of Anal Warts

It is not very easy to spot anal warts, because they are found inside and around the area of the anus. Initially, they look like a small bump like the head of a pin, thus it is very hard to notice them. However, as they grow, they might start to look like a cauliflower. Warts may look a little different in color like pink, yellow, peach or light brown, its blandness depends upon the skin color.

It is very hard to notice anal warts because it does not cause any pain or discomfort. But in some rare cases, anal warts symptoms such as bleeding, discharge from the anus or itching are noticed. If you have anal warts, then you may feel that you have a lump in your anal area.

You can get warts at any other part of your body; however genital warts are a very common issue among women. Most of the women get warts on the vulva, cervix, and vagina, it appears like a lump on those areas.  Men also get warts on their genital parts such as on the penis, groin, scrotum or thighs.

One can get warts on the mouth or throat if they have HPV. If you have oral sex with a person, who has genital warts or kissing a person with throat warts can cause infection.

What Causes Anal Warts?

Most people get warts on their genital areas like anus, penis, groin, vulva, vagina, scrotum, etc due to human papillomavirus, also known as HPV. It is a sexually transmitted infection (STI), this virus can spread by skin to skin contracts like handshakes or hugs. Hpv can also spread by having unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex.

In some cases, HPV goes away on its own without causing any signs and symptoms. But in some cases, a virus spreads in the body can cause warts in the genital areas. There are some HPV warts which cause genital warts and some may even cause cancer. However, the type of HPV which generally leads to anal warts or any other genital warts does not cause any cancer.

Usually, HPV spreads from one person to another when they get into direct contact with another person’s mouth, vagina, anus or penis who have HPV. This infection does not always spread from one person to another through intercourse. It can be transmitted by skin to skin contacts like the hug, handshake or any other kind of contact.

At one research which was conducted by CDC centers for disease control and prevention. They found out that genital warts generally spread by having unprotected anal and vaginal sex. Those men and women who have an active sexual life get HPV at some stage in their lives.

Anal Warts Risk

Most of the people take anal warts lightly and ignores them until they start causing pain and discomfort. Anal warts spread due to the following reasons:

  • Having sex with more than one person.
  • Having sex at an early stage
  • Having a bad immunity system.
  • Having sexual contact or intimate contact with a person who is infected with HPV.
  • Not using protection during sex like a condom or dental dam. Unprotected sex can easily spread anal warts.
  • Having anal intercourse.

If you keep the following points in your mind then the risk for you getting anal warts is very less. You can get anal warts even if you are only in sexual contact with one person because the condom does not always work.

How Are Anal Warts Diagnosed?

There are numerous diagnoses available for anal warts, however, doctors prefer to use acetic acid also known as vinegar. They apply vinegar on the bump to turn it white, this makes it more visible during the examination. Anal warts diagnosis depends upon person to person, it is not necessary to diagnose anal warts.

During the diagnosis’s doctors use anoscope for the internal exam of the anus, this enables them to check warts developed inside the anal canal. Doctors also prefer to do the full exam in the pelvic region, to find out any other kind of genital warts. Some doctors use biopsy for diagnosing anal warts, in case initial therapy does not work.

How Are Anal Warts Treated?

If you have noticed anal warts or symptoms of anal warts, then you should immediately try the treatments. But the treatment of warts depends upon the location of warts:

  • Tropical medications
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrocautery
  • Laser treatments

These are some of the effective ways of removing anal warts, but in some cases doctors use surgery.


Most people ignore anal warts. This is because they do not cause any pain or harm. However, one should not ignore anal warts and the symptoms of anal warts, because they can cause many health issues.

Most of the people suffer from anal warts, because of having multiple sexual partners, having unprotected anal and vaginal sex, etc. But there are numerous methods and treatments available in the market, which can help to remove warts from the anus.

Because if the warts are not removed from the anus or any other body parts, they can cause one a lot of discomforts and can also easily spread from one partner to another.

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Anal Warts - Best Seller Of The Week -

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