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Are Skin Tags In Sensitive Areas Bothersome? Get Rid Of Them Quickly Then!

Skin tags are one of the common skin related issues today, the majority of people suffer from it. People generally ignore skin tags, this is because it does not cause any pain or harm, it just appears like a bump on the skin.

There are some people who develop skin tag on their anus and that could be very hard for them. This is because some people are not comfortable to talk about it openly to their friends, family, and doctor.

If you are not comfortable to go to the clinic to remove your skin tag, then you can get rid of by using some home remedies. Keep on reading this article given by an expert, if you want to know how to remove skin tags at home.

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What Are Anal Skin Tags?

Having skin tags in anal is same as having skin tags on any other part of the body. However, the bumps on the anal scan are little troublesome, because that skin area is very sensitive. It is hard to know if one has anal skin tags until it is itchy, sensitive, uncomfortable and makes it difficult to clean that part.

However, bump in the anal are not very painful, but it can bother one a lot, also it can be very stressful. But it is hard to notice the symptoms of the skin tags at an early stage. This is because skin tags are not cancerous and are very small, it is only a few millimeters big.

If you feel there is something in your anal area, then you should immediately get it checked by the physician. We know that it can be embarrassing to discuss with the physician about the anal skin tags. But after examining it he can find the best treatment for you and help you in preventing any more skin tags.

Home Remedies For Removing Skin Tags

If you do not want to go to the health center to get your skin tags removed. Then there are some home remedies, which will help one removing skin tags effectively. However, while using these methods one has to be very careful because it can cause some harm to the skin. These home remedies are:

Skin tag removal device

This is one of the easiest methods for getting rid of the skin tags, all you have to do is order a skin tag removal kit online. You can also find skin tags removal kit from the store, it is very effective for getting rid of the skin tag.

With the help of tags removal device, you can cut off the blood supply towards the tag, by outing a tiny band on it. In the medical world, this process is called ligation, this is because once the blood supply stops, tags will die and drop away. This method is very effective but gives it at least 10 days.


One does not require skin tag removal kit for ligation process, some people do ligation process with the help of string or dental floss. But it can be hard to achieve the ligation process with the help of the second person or device. You should clean the skin, hands, and string before you start using this method, to prevent infection.

Skin tag removal cream

This is one of the easiest methods for removing the skin tag, you do not need any device or other people. You can do this method alone, all you need a tag removal kit, it will contain a cream, generally, only one application of cream is required.

But before you start applying the cream read its instructions. It will tell you to clean your tag thoroughly with an alcohol and clean the surrounding skin too. While applying the cream make sure that your tag fully absorbed the cream.

Freezing kit

This is one of the most used methods for getting rid of the skin tags, in this method you will require any product which contains liquid nitrogen. You can get these products from any drugstore and pharmacies, it is also available online.

Follow the instructions carefully, because some applications might be requiring before the skin tag falls away. It will usually take around 10 days for the skin tag to fall off. Make sure that you applied the petroleum jelly on the surrounding skin and avoid spraying on the skin.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is widely known for removing skin tags, it has been used for treating many skin conditions. There are some studies which have proved that tea tree oil is very effective for getting rid of skin tags.

Take a few drops of tea tree oil on the cotton and affix it to the skin tag with a bandage, leave the cotton ball on the skin tag for 10 minutes. Repeat this process at least 3 times a day, after a few weeks, you can see your skin tag falling off. Be cautions while using tea tree oil, because it may irritate the sensitive skin, also avoid applying it around eyes.

Apple cider vinegar

To find out whether apple cider vinegar is effective for removing skin tag or not, people have conducted many kinds of research. In many cases, apple cider vinegar is found effective for removing skin tags.

With the help of apple cider vinegar maybe you can also get rid of the skin tags, take a few drops of vinegar on a cotton ball. After that affix the cotton ball on the tag with a bandage and leave the bandage on for 10 minutes.

Do this method atheist two or three times a week until the tag falls off if you see any suspicious reaction on the skin then stop using it.


Iodine liquid is widely used for getting rid of the skin tags, however, before you start using this method you have to be very cautious. Apply the petroleum jelly or coconut oil on the skin surrounding skin tag. Now soak Q-tip in iodine and apply it on all over your skin tags, then affix it with a bandage. Do this at least two times a day until tag falls off.

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Anal Skin Tags - Best Seller Of The Week -

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